Say No SEO


cant we test drive 1st ?
I have always asked a question ABOUT SEO to myself about SEO and paying for links from directories. Do they work? Maybe or maybe not. Let me share my experience. Every week i get calls from directory services offering me top google listings and yahoo for one of my sites.  informing me that i can become top of major search engines and achieve lots and lots of traffic. This maybe so but there is something to consider. When i get a call from these directories the first thing they do is ask me to log on to their site therefore gaining a hit.

Then they ask me to search for something random like hairdressers or plumbers say for example in Ascot. In doing this their gaining a hit for the company that has paid to be on that directory and top of the listing. These people can be very persistent trying to extract £300- £500 for a listing. Also as a small business i also like others maybe look at directories to see what the opposition are doing so once again gaining more hits for their website but not necessarily looking for a service. I find the best way to gain more hits in business is to offer a good service and meet friends on the way. We would rather not spend the money on this kind of advertising and give something back to the community. IE for us, we do some free hosting for charities and give free listings . Also we ask other business to link swap with us when we see their work, IE, when we are on a job and there is a company that also does a good job.
I would very much like to know other peoples opinion to this.

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