SEO Tools


Ethical (White Hat) SEO Tools

The Internet is full of free SEO tools and free SEO advice, but how do you know who you can trust? Why not trust a search engine with your SEO advice? Most SEO tools you will find do not work. In fact, using the wrong tools can result in huge ranking penalties for your website. For example, some SEO services advertise so called ranking checkers (a.k.a., rank tracking) that monitor your website’s rankings continuously. But tools like this violate all major search engine’s Terms of Service including Open Window to Google Google’s. Rank checking is not SEO, it uses unecessary resources and you will not benefit from it

Using a Sitemap File

the Sitemap protocol allows you to inform search engines about URLs on your Websites that are available for crawling. In fact, using the Sitemap protocol is the only way you can submit your Website to Open Window Ask.

The SEO Sitemap Generator Tool will help you create a search engine compliant Sitemap that is compatible with all search engines supporting the Sitemap protocol. Your Sitemap helps Google, Bing, Ask and other major search engines discover the hidden Web Pages on your Website! Other automatic Sitemap generator tools can’t find your hidden Web pages and that’s why search engines can’t find them either. If you have Web pages you can’t find in search engines, this may be the SEO tool you’ve been missing.

Keywords Research Tool

Our real-time organic Keywords Research Tool helps you discover what keywords you should be targeting so you can attract more qualified visitors. Attracting consumers using their own search terms makes more sense than using keywords from an old database of advertiser keywords.

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