social media Consultancy

I believe social media is a big part of business now. So every member of your team should have access to the company’s social media account. When you or your staff are on jobs one of the best ways to help with your Google listings and your web presence is for everyone to Twitter and Facebook jobs that they are on. No hard sell we offer a social media consultant to help any small business in achieving results. Results can only be judged on your listings on the internet and orders through the door. Contact us for more information about social media Consultancy.

Another big thing for 2018 in the world of searching internet is tools like Alexa. Websites need to be SEO for for Alexa as well. For instance when you ask Alexa a question relative to your company the text must be similar two a voice conversation with Alexa. For example if you are cab business someone with Alexa will ask where can I hire a cab. So searches need to be relevant two voice searches across the internet so in the case of a cab office you need to have on your side the question where can I hire a cab Alexa or Siri


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