how to start a website for business

How to start a website for business


Starting a website business can be a great way to work creatively in a field that you are passionate about, sell a unique product or offer a special service. Of course, there are millions of web businesses out there. The challenge is starting one that is user friendly and will resonate with people. The key to of course starting a business is offering a marketable skill or product, followed by creating a website and advertising

Think about what product or services you want to offer. 

This is going to be number one on your list for starting a business website. [1]

  • For example, you might want to start a website to sell a craft item, beauty product, tool, or other product that you make.
  • You might also be offering a service, such as dog walking, lawn service, house cleaning, or law consulting.
  • Depending on what type of business you want to start, your target customer will be different.

Consider your target audience. Think about the age group and gender of the customers you are likely to get. [2]
For example, if you are selling beauty products for women you will want to target your business towards women and teen girls.
If you are offering a service such as lawn maintenance or house cleaning, your target customer will likely be adults that own their own homes or property.
The model of your website and how you advertise will depend highly on your target customer.
You will need to target your product and hours of service to your target customer. For example, if your target customer is likely to be working a typical 9-5 job, it might be beneficial to offer your service on weekends etc.







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